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    Transport Boxes And Compact Trailer For Compakt Tractors:
    "MORGNIEUX" - transport boxes are the help for taking along your tools (for
    example a  chain saw, a lawn mower, a hand brush ... ) to your place of action.
    They are easy to mount on the tractor rear lift system Cat. 1.
    Sitting on the tractor you can dump the transport box by a manual device.
    There are three types: 240 litres, 270 litres and 320 litres.




    Compact Trailer:
    From "MORGNIEUX" yo can get optimal compact trailers for you carrying
    jobs together  with your compact tractor.
    The types:
    700 kg and 1000 kg admissible total weight without a brake system.
    1490 kg and 1000 kg admissible total weight with manual brake.
    3000 kg admissible total weight with hydraulik brake and also with operating
    licence  according to Highway Code (German StVZO = German road traffic
    registration ordinance).
    The platform gates are removable, the complete platform can be dumped
    maunal or  hydraulic to the rear side.

 In this PDF  file you find more technical information about transport boxes
and compact trailers.





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